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Erin Downey, SVP, Group Strategy Director.

Erin Downey

SVP, Group Strategy Director

With a passion for leading the creation of storytelling solutions that are both effective and affecting, Erin is an award-winning brand strategist who has proudly spent her three-decade career partnering with and learning from some of the world’s bravest, most pioneering brands and agencies.  She brings rich multinational experiences that span military, QSR, insurance, financial services, CPG, intermodal transportation, telecommunications, automotive, and beyond.

She believes in a single guiding philosophy: To be great communicators, first we must be great observers and listeners; only then can we truly make a difference.  As such, she approaches her work with the sensibilities of an investigative journalist or documentary filmmaker, leading teams to understand and empathize with “the why behind the what” in order to create evocative work that has both presence and purpose.