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Our capabilities & precision-based approach are modern, human-centric, and designed to drive business outcomes.

Precision. Precisely.

GTB is a precision retail marketing agency that creates ideas that inspire people to act.

Founded in 2007 to accelerate performance for some of the world’s most iconic brands, GTB is part of WPP’s industry-leading network of companies driving growth for our clients through insights and creativity, the application of data and technology, and relentless curiosity about what’s next.

Our Expertise

  • Customer Journey planning
  • Signal-based engagement
  • Dynamic personalization at scale
  • Sales Funnel Conversion

The Science of Human Precision

What brands often forget is that the purpose of data and analytics is to make us more human: to help us understand and relate to each other better. Our teams understand how to translate data and insights into emotion and connection in order to anticipate human behavior, ultimately driving results. At GTB, we believe that data and technology is the most creative and innovative space in modern business and retail marketing.

Our Innovation Story

Since our founding, GTB has been at the forefront of marketing innovation.

As part of WPP, we tap into the tools and talent of the world’s most effective creative transformation company. At GTB, our precision-based approach is modern, human-centric, and designed to drive business outcomes.

Today, we have evolved into a precision marketing company, combining audience science, local intelligence, and creativity to deliver the industry’s most specialized Precision Retail Marketing offering yet.

The GTB Advantage

  • Leading precision retail marketing capability
  • Local intelligence
  • Proven experience with iconic brands
  • Ability to scale across franchises
  • Global network of expert partners
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