Who are we? We’re a global team with a simple purpose. We make what matters. For people and for business. We believe that whatever we create - from ads to apps to baseball caps - should be relevant, purposeful and inspired.

How did we get here? Here’s the short version. In 1943, we became the first agency of record for Ford. In 2007, we joined forces with five other WPP agencies and became Team Detroit, working across all channels, geographies and communications. 2015 saw another growth spurt and we expanded to a global footprint and rebranded under the name, GTB. Yes, change is in our DNA, and we like that.




We’ve never been like all the rest, and we like that.

While traditional agencies see ads as solutions, we’ve always taken a wider view. We look deeply at the business and the consumer and we create the most informed, most insightful and most tailored solutions for both – because we know both better than anyone. And then, we use our scale and our network – across 52 countries and 6 continents - to build whatever it takes to creatively transform business.

Our promise is to transform business through the world’s most purposeful creative solutions fueled by precise marketing. We’re human centered, data & tech empowered, solution agnostic, and globally connected.

Seeking Creative Soulmates

People are at the center of everything we do. And that starts with our very own. We value talent over ego and real people over robots. We take pride in the vastly diverse cultures, backgrounds, interests and expertise of the people who work here because we believe unique cultures create the best and most insightful, informed solutions.

People Transforming Business

We don’t make things that fit in a box. We make things that fit into people’s lives. And sometimes, we don’t make things at all. Sometimes we analyze. Sometimes we strategize. Sometimes we engineer. But whatever we do, we put consumers and their needs first to drive business transformation.


We’re a rich and dedicated collective of thinkers, artists, writers, story-spinners, problem-solvers and dreamer-uppers. From all kinds of backgrounds across six continents. But creativity isn’t just our day job. It’s our lifeblood. We’re at our happiest when we’re celebrating brands in compelling, surprising and poignant ways – no matter what the brief, audience or platform. And we never say no to an interesting challenge.


Makerhouse is our full-service, full-throttle production house and client production OS, with access to the most diverse and most elite bench of maker talent on the planet. Producers, editors, designers, developers and business experts with a lot of savvy and just enough grit. They ensure we make the best possible thing, no matter what that thing is. And they deliver with compliance, efficiency, ease and excellence, turning every job number into something beautiful.


We’re all about making connections with our customers. That’s why we boast a tribe of buying and planning experts who make sure our work is seen by the right people in the right places at the right time. We are precise about how we think and execute in different markets by using the most relevant data and technology to reach consumers in more personalized ways than ever before.

Brand Alliances

Brands are built 24 7 365. So, we’ve created a team that operates with that same type of thinking. We develop owned content and experiences but also work with partners to bring brands to life in unique and surprising ways. We create everything from feature length documentary films with Netflix and Amazon Prime to a one-of-a-kind test drive program with over 1,500 events each year. And we do everything in between.


In our world, the goal isn’t to reach target groups. We stick to real people like Amin and Chris and Miguel and Rachel. Even you. Through creative precision, we research, listen and learn, then serve up individualized, tailored solutions. And because we’re an agency with deep roots in retail, we can be agile and adapt as their needs change.

We are precise in how we think and execute in the market because our data and technology allow us to connect with our consumers in the most interesting way.

6 continents. 52 countries. Our offices span across the globe. So does our work. Take a look and see for yourself.

Pocket Mustang

Pocket Mustang is a web-based app that lets you test-drive a Mustang with your right finger, rather than your right foot, to experience the thrill of driving it.

NFL Hall of Fans

Ford is a fan of the fans. So we’ve given them what matters most: a place of honor in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Tree Cutting

The holiday season sometimes causes us all to lose sight of what really matters. But the four-wheel drive Ford Escape may be the easiest way to get to some of the more meaningful things in life.

Max Motor Crib

Babies love car rides. So Ford built a crib that simulates all the best parts of the ride. Helping new parents and their infants with something that really matters: sleeping like a baby.

Lane-Keeping Bed

Keep to your lane or your side of the bed. The Ford-owned Lane-Keeping System and other driver-assist technologies in everyday objects help you do just that. Making such technologies instantly relatable.

Big Dog

Thanks to superior engineering and best-in-class capability, Ford F-150 leads the pack. This year, it’s déjà vu all over again. Apparently, it is what matters most to serious truck buyers.


Fearless adventurers depend on their gear. In the wild, it can be a matter of life and death. That’s why the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger is the only adventure gear that’s Built Ford Tough®.

Backbone of Britain

Ford hails those who do the work that matters to keeping Britain running with our new range of 2019 Ford Commercial Vehicles.


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