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The Art of Advantage

In 2019 we began writing our story — The Art of Advantage. This inspirational guide is designed specifically for our team members to help GTB deliver a competitive advantage.

Providing a competitive advantage to our clients is why GTB exists.

It’s estimated that automotive marketers will spend more in 2020 than healthcare, pharma and entertainment combined. This hyper-competitive shouting match makes it difficult for brands to stand out and even more difficult to drive meaningful outcomes. Done correctly, a brand’s most dangerous weapon is the way its agency positions them for success.

After all, clients have a finite amount of resources to apply to marketing challenges, so the best agencies learn where, when and how to apply these resources for client advantage. Providing a competitive advantage to our clients is the reason why GTB exists in first place. As smart marketers, we must make the return of every dollar of client funding worth more than the same dollar spent by competitive brands.”

Excerpt taken from Chapter 1 of The Art of Advantage

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