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Our 4 Truths

At GTB, we have named our values the “4 Truths.” These keep us centered on what matters. It’s not magic: the more an organization “lives” its values, the more the values become true.

Always Open

This doesn’t mean we take client calls at 2 am, although sometimes we do; rather this means we approach everything with an open mind. We don’t make assumptions that we’re the only people in the room with the right answer because we have a title with senority, we invite people to the table because we’re always open.  

Ambitiously Optimistic

No doubt, this is a hard business. But we identify solutions, not problems. Brands, and by extension the people who fuel them, must be optimistic if nothing else to thrive.

Seamlessly Collaborative

We provide our clients a collaborative experience that is simple, straightforward, and without bias by breaking down the walls between departments and our partners.

Purposefully Inclusive

We won’t reach our fullest potential if we do not cultivate a variety of opinions, backgrounds and methods. To us, this is non-negotiable.

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